North Cape 2001


In August 2001, Ángel Hípola and me traveled along nearly 1500 kms from Bergen to Kristiansund and from Hammerfest to the North Cape.

In the first part we covered the main fjords in the Norwegian coast: Hardangerfjord, Aurlandsfjorden, Sognefjord, Førdefjorden and Moldefjorden. Along this route we could experience for the first time the beauty of the Norwegian landscape, particularly during the Flåm Valley descent, the harsh road between Aurland and Lærdal, along the Snøvegen or Snow Way and the Atlanterhavsveien or Atlantic Road.

The second part started in Hammerfest, the northernmost village in the world, and went on across the typical tundra of the Arctic landscapes, pedaling through strong winds and in the pleasant company of numerous reindeers along the road. We accessed the island of Magerøya, where the North Cape is, through the narrow, 7-km long, tunnel under the sea.