Iceland 2004


In August 2004, Antonio Rodríguez and me undertook a tough journey through Iceland, of about 800 kms, following in part the Ring Road that borders the island.

The main protagonist in a journey through Iceland is, of course, the strong and constant wind. In the South, where the road goes across a more open land, advancing on the bike at just 8 kms per hour can be a nightmare if you are against the wind. Landscapes like Jokulsarlöm, where the icebergs float away to the sea, and the view of the seals on the beach made the suffering more bearable.

In the North part, much more mountainous, wind ceased to be a problem and we were pleased to stop hearing the constant buzzing, though the orography was more complicated. Around Lake Myvatn the protagonists were the countless mosquitoes and other insects that surrounded us when we decided to pause for a minute.

In the last week of our tour we crossed the inhospitable interior of Iceland, the desert of the Kjolur plateau. The road through that uninhabited area crosses the Hveravellir oasis and leads to the impressive Gullfoss waterfalls. Ten minutes from there is Geysir, the geyser field after which all geysers are named.