The difficulties

Black bear

The equipment. A solo journey demands carrying all of the weight on the same bike, including the tent, bike repairing tools, cooking tools, navigation elements, communications equipment, etc., besides clothing, extra inner tubes and tyres and a long etcetera. The estimated total weight is 35 kg.

The climate. Even though it takes place during the summer, Alaska's latitude makes the climatic conditions rather harsh, with temperatures between -5ºC and 5ºC in the North Slope, and even lower after crossing Atigun Pass.

Lack of population. It makes supplying and communication complicated in this region. In the last part of the route (385 kms) there is no service to provide food nor water. Since there is no GSM cellular phone coverage practically at any point of the route, the only way of communication with the rest of the world is a via satellite phone equipment.

Major fauna. Alaska is the grizzly bear region par excellence. Even though attacks on humans are rare, a series of precautions must be always taken, especially regarding food storage and cooking. I hope not to have to put in action Alaska's Government advice in case of encounter with bears, although not meeting one along the whole route is going to be difficult. There are also red foxes, arctic foxes, moose, and caribous among others, although those are not dangerous.

Minor fauna. In summertime, Alaska gets filled with giant mosquitos, against which the usual insect repeller does not work.