About Javier Delgado

Javier Delgado

Javier Delgado was born in Madrid 32 years ago. He's an economist and works in the Department of Financial Stability in the Bank of Spain. For years, he's been combining his job with his other great passion, cycling. This has led him to enjoy splendid adventures in company of friends or solo, especially in the northernmost regions of the planet, like Alaska (2008), continental Norway (2001 and 2007), Vesterålen and Lofoten archipelagoes (2006), Iceland (2004), or other less remote places like the Way of Saint James (1999, 2005 and 2006) or even taking an Interrail on bike across eight European countries (2004).

Since the bike is not all there is, in 2007 he also participated (and successfully completed) in one of the most demanding endurance tests in the Community of Madrid's athletics agenda: the 100 kms in 24 hours.